Water softeners with an electronic meter, ;rogrammable settings, and high-capacity resin. The SWS1 series comes in a variety of sizes that can fit any size of home.

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The SWS1 series water softeners have an electronic meter that accurately measures your water usage and initiates regeneration based on gallons used. Power outages are no problem with a constantly charged battery that can maintain even the time of day for at least 48 hours. Simple push button programming allows you change settings and start an extra regeneration if desired.
The SWS1C series are a “space maker” variant of the standard SWS1. These compact units can fit into confined spaces most normal sized softeners can’t, all while maintaining the serviceability of a two-tank system.
• Fully Programmable to meet your exact water condition.
• Large capacity salt storage tank to minimize replace frequency.
• Stepped salt shelf keeps dirt and debris far away from internal salt tank components.
• Safety brine valve prevents a messy salt tank overflow.
• All corrosion proof construction.
• Easy to operate bypass valve provides a way to bypass the softener during lawn watering, etc.
• 5 year control valve warranty and 10 year resin tank warranty.

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