The SBF1 series is ideal for applications needing whole house filtration. This single tank system has a variety of different media options available that can be selected to handle some of the toughest jobs.

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The SBF1 Series provides whole house filtration. Depending on the filter media selected, as listed below, there are many different water contaminants that it can remove. With a fully programmable control valve, this unit can be adapted to suit a wide variety of water quality problems.

Available Filter Media:
1. Activated Carbon – For chlorine, chloramine, taste and odor reduction.
2. Catalytic Carbon – For the removal of chloramines, hydrogen sulfide and VOC’s.
3. Filter Ag – Low Density Sediment removal down to 40 micron
4. Filter Sand – Sediment reduction down to 20 micron
5. Birm – Iron removal when raw water has sufficient dissolved oxygen
6. Calcium Carbonate – Raises the pH of acid water and removes turbidity (Use when pH is 6.0-6.8 and hardness is less than 5 gpg).
7. Neutralizer Blend – Raises the pH when incoming water pH is less than 6.0 or hardness is greater than 5 gpg.
8. Zeolite – Sediment and suspended solids reduction.

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