A water softener you can feel good about!Regenerates with only 6 lbs salt per cubic foot. This represents a 33% less salt per regeneration when compared to standard water softeners. Not only do you save substantial dollars, but you reduce the hassle of carrying salt.

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PWS1-HE water softeners utilize a revolutionary new resin that has higher cross linkage resulting in less salt usage, greater softening capacity, better iron removal, and is more tolerant of chlorine.
• Salt & water savings
• 6 lbs of salt per cubic foot of resin
• Superior clearwater
iron removal
• Less susceptible to fouling by iron
• More tolerant of chlorine
• Performs better than standard resin in water with elevated TDS
• Uses less water per regeneration than a standard water softener!
• Ready out of box to connect to 1″ or 3/4″ plumbning

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