The PTR1 Series is low maintenance and designed to handle problem water that contains high amounts of tannin and phosphates. Our specially formulated media exchanges standard water softener salt for tannin. Our high capacity tannin removal system maximizes the amount of treated water available to the home.

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PTR1 Series
100% Tannin Media
Tannin & Phosphate removal
• Non-corrosive Construction. All components are made of fiberglass,
stainless steel or similar materials to provide years of service without
rust or corrosion.
• Rugged Mechanical Piston Valve. No solenoids or flapper valves to stick.
• Easy to Repair. Control valve provides years of quality performance and is easy to repair. This cuts down the time of service calls.
• Push-button Simplicity. All settings and information retrievable at
your fingertips.
• Regenerates with just salt. No costly or dangerous chemical required.
• Hefty Brine Tank*. Large, 220 lb. capacity tank reduces the frequency
of salt refill. Salt support platform keeps the salt dry and stops
“mushing”. Safety brine valve prevents overflow of salt brine.

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