The PSCF1 Series stacked carbon filter and softener reduces chlorine, taste and odor, protects softener resin from deterioation by chlorine, provides luxurious, great tatsting soft water, and is resdy out of the box to connect to 1″ or 3/4″ plumbing


• Modular Design. Provides quick servicing of the control. No bolts or screws means most repairs can be done without tools.
• One Unit. Does the job of two pieces of equipment, carbon filter and water softener.
• Push-button Simplicity. All settings and information retrievable at
your fingertips.
• Easy to Install. One control valve to plumb.
• Non-corrosive Construction. All components are made of fiberglass,
stainless steel or similar materials to provide years of service without
rust or corrosion.
• Full Flow Bypass Valve. Easy to use, two handle valve allows you
to water the garden or yard with raw water. Large porting prevents pressure drop.
• Replacable Carbon Filter. Top carbon tank can be removed and replaced with fresh carbon.
• Hefty Brine Tank*. Large, 220 lb. capacity tank reduces the frequency
of salt refill. Salt support platform keeps the salt dry and stops
“mushing”. Safety brine valve prevents overflow of salt brine.

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