The PBF1 series automatic backwas filter is versatile with fill port available, semi-transparent media tank, and is ready out of the box to connect to 1″ or 3/4″ plumbing

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Suitable for use with the following media:
• Activated Carbon (A05P) For the removal of chlorine; taste and odor reduction.
• Catalytic Carbon (ACC05P) For the removal of chloramines and hydrogen sulfide
• Filter Ag (FA05P) Sediment removal down to 20 micron
• Filter Sand (QFS05P) Sediment reduction down to 17 micron
• Birm (B05P) Iron removal when raw water has a high level of dissolved oxygen
• Calcium Carbonate (C05P) Raises the pH of acid water and removes turbidity. Use when pH is 6.0-6.8 and hardness is less than 5 gpg.
• Neutralizer Blend (N05) Raises the pH when incoming water Ph is less than 6.0
or hardness is greater than 5 gpg.
• Zeolite (Z05P) Sediment and suspended solids reduction.
Easy to Program Valve. Simple touch buttons to help with programming and
manual backwashing.
Full Flow Bypass Valve. Simple quarter turn of the handles takes the unit off stream. This is ideal for watering the yard or providing water while the unit is being serviced.
Non-corrosive Construction. Components are fiberglass and polyethylene, eliminating rust and corrosion problems.
Mav and Relay Connections.

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