XTS Series softeners provide the finest quality water with little or no drop in your water pressure. Common service issues with other softeners are eliminated with the patented injector cleaner. You merely press the injector cleaner plunger every time you add salt to keep the injector free of iron and debris.

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XTS Series – Nothing Else Compares
The most up to date water softener with five patents granted and/or pending.
• Patented Injector Cleaner eliminates one of the most common softener service problems.
• Full Audio. Yes it actually talks to you providing installation and maintenance guidance.
• Cam Release allows complete disassembly within seconds without tools.
• 33% Larger Valve Porting provides high flow rate capabilities without noticeable pressure drop.
• Proportional Brining means before regeneration the exact amount of salt is calculated to bring the system back to full capacity. This is unlike other softeners that have a fixed setting which wastes salt.
• Instant Access to the System’s History allows you to see how much water was used and maximum flow rate for each of the last 56 days. It also tells you on what days did regeneration occur and the amount of salt consumed each time.
• Safe 12 Volt DC Power is not only extremely safe but can operate off the grid with a car battery.
• Back Lighted Display is easy to see even in a dark location.
• Large Capacity Brine Tank provides adequate salt storage which decreases fill frequency. A reliable safety brine valve eliminates a messy brine overflow.
• Stepped Salt Platform unlike a flat salt shelf it keeps dirt and debris away from internal brine tank parts.
• Full Flow Bypass Valve permits you to water the lawn or garden with untreated water if your outside faucets are not plumbed ahead of the softener.

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