PWS1 Series water softeners from Sterling bring system performance and ease of service to a new level.

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• Mav and Relay Connections. Valve capable of running no hard water valves, running in sequence, or operating a dosing pump.
• Modular Design. Provides quick servicing of the control. No bolts or screws means most repairs can be done without tools.
• Adjustable Brine Fill Cycle Sequences. Allows selection of pre-fill or post fill.
• Push-button Simplicity. All settings and information retrievable at
your fingertips.
• Adjustable Operation. Intuitive controller allows for fully adjustable settings.
• Suspended Backwashing System. Scrubs iron and turbidity from the resin bed with each regeneration.
• Non-corrosive Construction. All components are made of fiberglass,
stainless steel or similar materials to provide years of service without
rust or corrosion.
• Full Flow Bypass Valve. Easy to use, two handle valve allows you
to water the garden or yard with raw water. Large porting prevents pressure drop.
• Hefty Brine Tank*. Large, 220 lb. capacity tank reduces the frequency
of salt refill. Salt support platform keeps the salt dry and stops
“mushing”. Safety brine valve prevents overflow of salt brine.

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