The PNR1 Series water conditioners from Sterling are specifically designed to effectively reduce nitrate, sulfate & fluoride found in water sources. The PNR1 Series models are affordable and efficient to operate in reducing these unwanted contaminants from your household water.

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• Corrosion-Resistant Construction. The entire system utilizes stainless steel, fiberglass, and polyethylene so rust and corrosion are eliminated.
• Limited Maintenance. The only maintenance required is the addition of salt to the brine tank.
• Regeneration with ordinary salt. No costly or dangerous chemical required.
• Reduces Nitrate, sulfate & fluoride. Contaminants are reduced by utilizing the ion exchange process.
• Rugged Control Valve. Proven to provide years of dependable service and durability.
• Easy to Repair. Control valve provides years of quality performance and is easy to repair. This cuts down the time of service calls.

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