The PMR1 Series heavy metals reducers from Sterling are specially designed to reduce the contaminant level in water below the EPA MCL. The PMR1 Series models are affordable and efficient to operate in reducing unwanted arsenic, lead & other heavy metals from your household water.

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• Nonhazardous Disposal. Media can be disposed as solid waste due to non-leaching material.
• Corrosion-Resistant Construction. The entire system utilizes stainless steel, fiberglass, and polyethylene so rust and corrosion are eliminated.
• Patented Material. Patented material used for reduction of arsenic 3, arsenic 5, lead, cadmium, copper, antimony, mercury, zinc, nickel and selenium.
• Limited Maintenance. The only maintenance required is the occasional media replacement.
• Rugged Control Valve. Provides years of dependable service and has
proven durability.
• Reduces Heavy Metals. Heavy metals are reduced utilizing the adsorption process by up to 99+% of contamination typically found in potable water sources.
• Easy to Repair. Control valve provides years of quality performance and is easy to repair. This cuts down the time of service calls.
• Push-Button Simplicity. All settings available at your fingertips.

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