The SCTS1 Series Softeners reduce chlorine, taste & odor, protects softener resin from deterioration by chlorine, and provides luxurious, great tasting soft water.

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• One Unit. Saves space by doing the job of two pieces of equipment. A carbon filter and a water softener.
• Easy to Install. One control valve, come ready out of the box to plumb to either 3/4″ or 1″ piping.
• Full Flow Bypass Valve. Simple to use valve allows you to bypass the system for lawn irrigation.
• Simple Maintenance. Merely add salt periodically and re-bed the carbon filter if it ever becomes exhausted.
• Hefty Brine Tank. Large, 220 lb. capacity tank reduces the frequency of salt refill. Salt support platform keeps the salt dry and stops “mushing”. Safety brine valve prevents overflow of salt brine.

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